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What is the best carpet for high traffic areas?

Many homeowners are concerned about adding carpet flooring to their high-traffic areas, but some options can be perfect for this space. In today's post, we will tell you which carpeting options are best for highly active areas of your home, so read along with us here for more information.

High traffic carpet flooring is easier to find than you think

If you are flooring high traffic areas, you should know that both nylon and polyester are outstanding choices natural. Nylon is strong, durable, and long-lasting, while polyester offers some of the best stain protection, perfect for homes with pets and children.

However, if you'd like to combine both of these attributes, be sure to ask about brands that provide built-in stain protection. These products are not only easier to keep clean, but it makes regular maintenance more effortless than ever before.

Some of these brands are explicitly geared toward pet stains and odors, keeping you cleaner and fresher longer. But we'll be happy to discuss your most specific needs when you visit us today.

We offer carpet in Walled Lake

Urban Floors is a carpet flooring store that caters to your actual needs works to create solutions for every area of your home. We take your requirements and match them with products that genuinely work in those areas, so you don't have to replace your flooring any more often than necessary.

In addition to a mobile showroom, we also have physical showrooms in Walled Lake, Sylvan Lake, and Plymouth, MI. We are proud to serve residents of all these areas and work to ensure your best options are always at your fingertips, so be sure to contact us or stop by when you’re ready to shop for carpet in Walled Lake.