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How to select the best hardwood flooring for you

Whether you select solid or engineered hardwood floors, be sure you're armed with some basic information before you start shopping. You most likely already know it's a terrific investment being long-lasting, durable, and increasing your property values, but you need to think also about your lifestyle and room requirements. When shopping for wood flooring, be sure to have a detailed conversation with your flooring pro.

First thing: decide what version you want

There are two versions of hardwood, solid and engineered. Solid is one thickness throughout, while engineered in a layered construction. At the top of an engineered floor is a slice of genuine wood with all the undertones, knots, swirls, and grains we all expect. Underneath are three or more layers of authentic wood combined with a little resin and then placed in a crosswise position.

As a result, engineered is more stable and better able to handle water. It doesn't shrink or contact to adjust to the weather, and there is more versatility in installation possibilities because it can be installed in some places where solid cannot. For example, engineered can go into any house grade level, such as the basement.

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Now think about strength requirements

Just because something is labeled a hardwood doesn't mean they all have the same strength levels. Some softwoods can be harder than some hardwoods. This is where lifestyle comes in: If you have pets, large families, or a lot of foot traffic, you may have extra durability needs.

Also, consider decor; domestics are harvested within the US. Exotics tend to be darker, dramatic, and very strong and are harvested in locations like Brazil, Indonesia, and Africa. Wider planks are currently trending and are more traditional. Because of the size, they display the knots and swirls a little better, but if you're installing in a small room, you may prefer a narrower plank.

Think about installation. Solid is a tongue and groove insert, followed by nailing, gluing, or stapling. It is not recommended for installation over a concrete subfloor because of the dampness issues. Engineered offers a floating floor technique that is fast and uncomplicated: The pieces click together to form a mat, which then hovers over the subfloor with no nails or glue. It is acceptable for installation over concrete.

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