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Waterproof vs. water-resistant flooring

When you need protection from dampness, humidity, spills, or accidents, you'll find that it is essential to know the difference between waterproof flooring and water-resistant flooring. Again, luxury vinyl is a great choice, offering extensive protection and other great benefits that we would like to tell you more about in today's post.

Luxury vinyl makes sense for many homes

Water-resistant floors offer a surface that gives you more time to clean up spills and dampness than flooring that has no water resistance. These floors are perfect for homeowners who are likely to see these situations and act on them in a timely fashion.

However, waterproof flooring, such as luxury vinyl, offers complete protection, no matter how long your flooring is subjected to damp, humid conditions. In addition, many of these floors are capable of withstanding flood-like conditions and being reusable afterward.

If you have pets, children, or both, a floor covering entirely impervious to water is a perfect choice. But luxury vinyl flooring also offers a stunning variety of visuals, including materials that mimic wood, stone, and porcelain tile, as well as durability that protects you from scratches, scuffs, and stains too.

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