Find out more about hardwood flooring color

Find out more about hardwood flooring color

When you need the best solid hardwood flooring, plenty of choices await you when you shop. One of those choices is stain color, which offers an impressive variety to meet any requirement.

Finding the perfect color depends greatly on your existing décor and preferences. Once you decide what you want, you can look specifically for colors that fit your need.

Match your existing décor

If you already have an existing décor scheme, likely, specific colors will best match the need. For instance, rustic and farmhouse décor schemes work best with fresh, earthy tones for wood flooring that brings about a sense of nature.

On the other hand, if your space is eclectic and unique, you can get away with colors of a much bolder nature. Wood stains range from whitewash to ebony black, so there's no doubt you'll find the perfect match for every room.

Which colors are best

Understanding certain facts about specific colors are essential to make the right choice, no matter your visual requirements. For instance, light colors work very well to hide dirt, debris, and dander, even in busy spaces, for easier wood flooring cleaning and care.

Dark colors show more dirt, but in homes that lack high traffic, it offers elegance and richness that creates an impressive ambiance. Darker colors can also make large spaces feel more significant.

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