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Does laminate flooring need an underlay?

The only time an additional underlay would not be required for laminate flooring would be if the product comes with the underlay attached already. However, if that is not the case with the product you choose, you'll need to add one, and today's blog post will briefly explain why.

Laminate flooring requirements that matter

Utilizing an underlay beneath your laminate flooring is required, primarily due to its floating nature. This structure gives your laminate its support, stability, and noise reduction and supports the locking system that connects the planks.

A high-quality underlay also keeps your flooring from shifting once it is installed and in place. As a result, they will wear better, resist warping, and be protected from many forms of wear and tear that can come from shifting materials, especially over time.

An underlay also protects your laminate from subfloor imperfections. Without it, those imperfections could show through and eventually damage your new flooring.

However, one of the essential underlay job functions is to protect your floors from moisture when installed over a cement subflooring. To find out more about these requirements, be sure to visit any of our showrooms today or call for a mobile showroom appointment.

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